Slate comes from a kind of metamorphic rock, formed about 200 million years ago. It consists of thin layers of stones, is quarried largely under very difficult conditions. Every piece of slate is slightly different for its rough texture and nice color. An ideal natural material for individual design to create building style, works of art, tradition and culture.

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  • Excellent quality

    Production of natural stone professional manufacturers

  • Quality service

    Long engaged in international market operations

  • Colorful

    Colorful variety of colors available

  • Style flexible

    Custom processing according to engineering requirements

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JOY natural slate is widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of various kinds of buildings, thus creating a harmonious, comfortable, relaxed and elegant living space.

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  • Quarry will open on 15th, June,2020 2020-06-02

    Because of environment protection, the quarry is closed in China. The quarry is expected on 15th,June, 2020. Look forward to receiving inquiries from old and new customers.

    Quarry will open on 15th, June,2020
  • Send masks to our customers all over the world dur... 2020-06-02

    2020 COVID-19 has swept the world . Many countries suffered this virus. Although the epidemic situation in China is stable, many of our foreign customers live in the hot water. Some of them can't ...

    Send masks to our customers all over the world during COVID-19
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Traditional simplicity
More times style

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SLATE is a natural stone material formed by the metamorphism of the sedimentary rocks of hundreds of millions of years ago.Most of its extraction and processing is done by hand in bad conditions. The color and texture of the natural SLATE are slightly different

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